Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sweet and farinaceous dishes:Christmas Special


Sochivo - traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes. 1 cup wheat, 100 grams of nuts (preferably walnuts), honey (3 tablespoons) 1-1,5 glass of water. Cook grains of wheat crumbly mess. Add the honey and crushed nuts. 

Christmas carols - little cakes with various fillings. Obviously, this dish was made "buy off" from the caroling. 400 g wheat flour, 300 g cheese, 100 g sugar, 5 eggs, water as needed. Knead the dough from flour and water and cut it into small cubes. Each cube should roll it out, put in the center of the stuffing and roll envelope. Bake in oven for lubricated pan. Filling may be different, here are some options: 
cottage cheese (300 g of cottage cheese rubbed with 5 eggs and sugar (100gr) 
Potato (mashed potatoes with milk and fried onions) 
meat (300-400 g minced meat, onions and spices to taste) 
Rice kutya 
Rice (1 kg), 400 g of honey (400 g) seedless raisins (400 g), if desired, you can add nuts. 
Raisins will go to, rinse, cover with boiling water and leave for steaming for 1-2 hours. Then again wash in warm water, Scatter on a clean towel or cloth to complete drying. 
Rice Boil until done, rinse with cold water and dry, pushing the drain. In a saucepan with melted honey, add a ready rice (no water), steamed raisins and crushed nuts. Then all the stir and let stand for 30 minutes to raisins and rice soaked in honey

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